Set a Big Goal!

Do you find you write many a To-do-list but don't get things done?


Or you get through the list but never really move forward?


People are very effective at finding reasons not to do things, particularly the big things in our lives.  It's not that there is an active intention to avoid but more often a default mechanism through learned behaviour creating 'self convincing' reasons why we 'cannot' make change.  This creates a self fulfilling base of evidence that confirms our own existing internal dialogue. In short, we create the evidence to confirm our already held self belief of what we can and can not do.


Working with a Career Coach can allow you to break this cycle and achieve 'transformational change'.


How do we set a Transformational Goal?


  • It needs to be really important to you.
  • It needs to be a 'big deal'.
  • Ask yourself ... if you could dramatically be better at/change/ do different???
  • It also needs to be important to others ... we can't change in isolation and 'those who matter' ... would they value this change?
  • It is on you not others! This is about you owning your actions and behaviours ... but you are not on your own ... this is where your coach will guide you through the coaching journey.
  • Your goal should be positive ... it is a statement of intent.

The Coaching Journey

Coaching allows you to make significant steps in your Career and Life.


By you setting a goal that is transformational it allows you to look at yourself truly as you are. 


Your coach will help you assess hidden competing demands.  What is working against you achieving your goal??


The approach is always to deal in facts rather than perceptions.  Often we hold deeply false assumptions of ourselves.


Your coach will work with you to examine these assumptions and challenge the evidence that supports these, or not, thus allowing you to make informed decisions and achieve true step change. 


It takes time to make transformational change, this is why the coaching programme is 6 sessions, so that you can achieve true change in your career and life.  Your coach will support you through every stage.  It is the role of the coach to encourage you to push beyond the norm. Challenge you, to provide a mirror to yourself and challenge your preconceptions and realities. And most importantly, guide and support you through a structured results focused programme with the support of a highly experienced International Coaching Federation accredited coach.


Is it for you? Free 30 Minute Online Consultation

The above provides a brief overview of the coaching approach and how your transformational goal is achieved.  


Coaching works best when the Coach and Coachee have absolute trust.  Not every coach is right for every person, naturally.  


This is why we offer a free 30 minute consultation, to allow your coach, to gain a better understanding of your specific requirements.  


And importantly, for you, to gain a full understanding of the coaching approach.


You will not receive a sales pitch.  You will be presented with an open and honest coach who will listen to your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have.  This allows you to make an informed decision if it is right for you, if not, no problem.  All that is asked is you provide a courtesy update, no reason required, if you wish to proceed or not.


Contact us now and we can begin your first steps to achieving your tranformational goal!

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