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We aim to deliver the very best in Coaching and truly develop individuals in whatever aspect of their developmental and coaching requirements they have.  In building a powerful relationship of trust we have been able to help many clients improve and achieve significant personal, skills and career development.  

For us, you having the right coach is critical to maximising the best for yourself and therefore our clients are best placed to articulate how good we are at what we do.  Detailed below is 100% unedited testimonals from some of our clients:

'Alan enabled me to re-calibrate my life.  He helped me to constructively review my current situation and determine my goals. In our first session I defined my strategic goal & I left the first session smiling and with a weight lifted from my shoulders.  Alan supported me as I defined and executed the various tactical goals, helping me to work through the inevitable challenges along the way. Thanks to Alan’s patient and knowledgeable approach I am well on the way to achieving my strategic goal.  Every day I am reminded of the sessions and this helps me to remain focused on achieving. Alan’s experience of working in large organisations in a senior HR role was invaluable, giving me an insight to the situations that I faced.  At the very start of this journey I knew I needed to do something, however it took me sometime to accept I needed career/life coaching. Making contact with Alan was another big step for me, however it has been well worth it and I would recommend to anyone who feels they need their lives re-calibrated. Thank you Alan. David 

'I met Alan 6 months ago not really knowing why I was really contacting him other than having an overwhelming feeling of “hitting a wall”. After working for many years at a pace and speed which didn’t really give me the time to stop and take stock to realise my achievements, I felt I needed just to talk to someone about how I was feeling, to see at least if I could gain some clarity and perspective. I remember my first meeting with Alan, I wasn’t even able to string a sentence together to tell him what I was looking for. As soon as he began to ask me questions, I realised within 10 minutes that I was actually in a dark place in terms of professional life, which had over spilled into my personal life. It hit me hard. He wasn’t easy on me…. Yes he listened, he was calm and most considerate but he nailed me down in terms of “what was I looking for “ Why was I here?. It was really uncomfortable for me. I really struggled with someone challenging me the way he did. I guess part of it was that I wasn’t used to it but if I am honest, it was more to do with my feeling of absolute fear and knowing that I was completely lost . It’s really important for me now to look back at that initial meeting and the emotions I had during the time coming up to the second meeting. I didn’t want to go, I remember thinking that I would just not turn up. The good news is that I did turn up and then looked forward so much to the rest of themKevin 

'From an initial goal of focusing on communication Alan was soon able to dig deeper and get to the heart of the problem. His style is open and honest which very quickly helps you to assess the real issues that you may have (both within yourself and your surrounding environment). Once these issues were realised we were able to focus on a direction and I was able to take control of my future. This has helped me not only with my career but also throughout every area of my life. I would recommend Alan to anyone at a crossroads who needs help focusing on a direction and I would certainly use him again in the future. John

'Alan is a brilliant coach and mentor. I felt comfortable with him and his style. He has the ability to identify the blockers that prevent you from realising your full potential and the skill to work with you in releasing those blockers. Alan is extremely skilled and knows how far to push to get results. I have already recommended Alan to others and I will continue to do so. Jane

'Alan is a truly brilliant coach, sure to uncover what's really holding you back, so that you can stride forwards with energy and enthusiasm. He will help you discover where exactly you want to be, and make sure you fast track your way there with his natural ability to stretch, empower and inspire you. You will feel immediately at ease with Alan, and be sure to make giant leaps towards fulfilling your true potential by hiring him as your coach. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Lucy 

Absolutely loved Alan’s style of coaching!  He was so clear in explaining the process and setting out the expectations.  It all flowed so well.  I never felt rushed and I felt I had his full attention and focus.  The ‘light bulb moments’ really were like a flash of understanding – so strong that the faith I feel in myself (that he allowed me to see and accept) still feels strong. Ruth 

'Alan is an exceptional career coach. He employs a range of techniques to quickly get to the heart of the matter and, after first establishing trust, confidently offers appropriate challenge and support. Alan achieves impressive results through executive coaching and he has helped me to deliver greater success, through both behavioural and career coaching. James 

'Alan helped me to build confidence and overcome my inner shyness. I started to believe in myself and applied this in job interviews.  As a result I landed the perfect job in a famous hotel in Mayfair, London!' Martins 

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