Why Online Coaching?


Online coaching allows the coach to reach a bigger client base beyond immediate geographical area (see About/Testimonals).


It also, accurately reflects the world we now live in where we can connect online and have global access to people, businesses and resources from around the world, just think how we shop now.


In addition, there are signifcant tangible benefits for clients in undertaking coaching online.  


Listed below are a few of, but by no means all, of accessing career and life coaching online.


  • Choice - You are not restricted to a Career/Life coach in your immediate geography.
  • Convenience/Time - you don't need to lose valuable personal time on unnecessary travel, issues with parking/public transport etc.
  • Flexibility - you can arrange for session at a location that works best for you, this may be your workplace (if have private space) or your home. This is also particularly useful if your career/life demands that you travel regularly.
  • Privacy - we use a secure interface 'Zoom' which you can access from a confidential area of your choosing.




Stable online video interface - Zoom


Zoom Online Video Conferencing


We use Zoom as opposed to Skype (though it can be used if client prefers) as it allows secure online sharing of documents in real time.


This makes for a truly interactive experience between coach and client.


Not on Zoom ... no problem ... your coach will send you details in advance of your meeting allowing you to log in to your secure meeting.

Ok, Online Coaching works but Face to Face is better, right?


Well, maybe but not always and certainly not for all.


We accept face to face will be better for some people, despite the benefits of online coaching outlined above. Inevitably, some people will simply have a preference to have face to face and that is ok.


It is likely this will be a more costly exercise and is often more associated with commercial/corporate coaching experiences. However, if you are in the fortunate position to pursue this, then of course, you should.  


Still not sure, give it a try.

We understand if you still have reservations.


Generally, feedback directly from clients tends to be once the coaching process commences and in full dialogue they forget they are in an online discussion.  However, if you're still not sure this is the right approach for you, why don't you test run it yourself and book a free 30 minute consultation.  If it works for you great, if not, then we understand and promise not to chase you after. It is about you ensuring you have the right coach for you and if you decide that it's not for you then this will be respected in full. All we ask is you give a courtsey update if you wish to proceed or not. 


We look forward to speaking with you online soon, contact here.

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